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Red_Wood 100ML

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Norlimbanol is one of the most powerful woody notes in all of perfumery, with its hypnotic smell of absolute dryness. Perfume critic Chandler Burr describes it as “a genius molecule that should be worth its weight in gold” and compares it to a multi-sensory amusement park ride. Discovered by Firmenich’s chemists and patented in 1986, this “vintage” captive joined the exclusive group of “Green Chemistry” molecules readily biodegradable. Its dry woody and ambery hues are a must in modern perfumery.

THE SCENT: Monumental Wood

It takes a monumental molecule to recreate the scent of the gigantic redwoods. Frank Voelkl’s choice became the core of this colossal composition. Norlimbanol runs thru every fiber in our conceptual tree. First, it is absorbed by its roots along with tactile suede, earthy patchouli, and animalistic musky notes. Then, victoriously ascends through its trunk, carried by sweet stems of cyclamen, suave rose petals, and volatile pimento berries. As it reaches the canopy, chlorophyll-saturated juniper, balsamic eucalyptus, bright bergamot, and celestial star anise propel the glorious ascension, releasing a gigantic silage worth of its name, red_wood.

Notes: Norlimbanol, rose, pimento berries, cyclamen, suede, juniper, cedarwood